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Hello friends! Thank you for visiting our website.

My name is Rhea Lana Riner. I began this sale in 1997 with 11 consignors and 3 racks of clothes in my living room. I wrote all the tags by hand and even rewashed and ironed many of the clothes! My dear husband rescued me and computerized our system. We now have thousands of consignors and shoppers!

I have three children of my own. The reason I began this semi-annual event is that I felt there was a great need for moms to sell their kid's clothes for a fair price - and to buy excellent quality kid's clothing at affordable prices. Our consignors make 70-80% if they price their own items. My goal is to maintain very high standards in the quality of merchandise that we accept. As always, I guarantee that we will keep track of each consignor's items, or they will be reimbursed. Consignors' checks and detailed inventory reports are available on Pick Up Day, immediately after the sale. It brings me great joy to be able to provide this service to so many young families.

I love helping families and I am deeply thankful for each of you. Please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Rhea Lana Riner at

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My name is Kim Burbank, I am very excited to be hosting the Rhea Lana's events in Hot Springs. My husband, Tim, is a graduate of Caddo Hills High School and we are fortunate to have a lot of family still in the area. I first learned of Rhea Lana's events when I was working in Conway and she had started her first sale in her home. In anticipation of the birth of our first child, we eagerly shopped our first event a few years later and were hooked! Not only was the shopping a lot of fun, but finding such great merchandise and prices was a blessing, as we had decided that I would leave my job to stay home full time. Over the years I have become more involved with Rhea Lana's and her Central Arkansas events. In June of 2017, we decided to go a step further and become franchise owners!

It is such a joy to see the difference that the events are making for families and I am happy to see it happening right here in Hot Springs. I have heard from many of you in this area who have experienced the events and I love to hear your enthusiasm and testimonies about what the events have done for your family. Please feel free to contact me and send me any of your comments, I loved to hear from you!

Kim Burbank at or 501-205-6314

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